Monday, April 8, 2013

DIY Necklace : Welcome to buttons state!

All these years of making DIY projects I felt many times like a treasure hunter. I kept every small piece of fabric, bead and many other materials. Of course, I kept a lot of buttons. I opened my sewing box and found this treasure. Shapes and colors started to fuel my imagination."It's time for a necklace", I thought and immediately started working my project. Find your hidden treasures and start now! 

Step 1
You need buttons, pliers, thick thread (for the tassels), wire and small loops. You can use a chain as i did but also a ribbon will do.

Step 2
Bend the wire in the shape of a smile! Secure the one side of the wire so that the buttons won't fall. Start passing the buttons through the wire.

Step 3
Once you finish, you will have this result, so now you can secure the other side too. Use one loop and join the chain in both sides.

Step 4
Using three fingers pass along the thread making circles and start the tassel. After some circles release the thread from your fingers and pass a piece of thread to secure the one side. Turn and press the upper side of the tassel and with a knot you will make the "head" of the tassel.

Step 5
Cut the other side of the tassel in order to create the fringe. Using the loops make a small chain (I used 5 loops) to hang the tassel on the necklace. That’s it! You’re done!


I think it turned out pretty and elegant! I will enjoy wearing it all summer long with my t-shirts and dresses!

Bye friends!




  1. Και κομψό και πολύ όμορφο!!!!
    Φιλιά και καλή εβδομάδα!!!!

  2. πολύ όμορφο!!!!
    Καλή εβδομάδα

  3. Wow! This necklace is so wonderful! I'm totally imressed! : )

  4. Thank you all!more amazin projects coming soon!

  5. Α Π Ι Θ Α Ν Ο !!!! Και τέλεια η φωτογραφία σου!!!

  6. Ευχαριστώ πολύ Κατερίνα μου!

  7. Πολυ όμορφο!

    Χαιρόμαστε που σε συναντήσαμε!

  8. What a fun DIY. I am visiting via IFB. Congrats on your feature.

    Sue xo

  9. this is so cute!!

    Corinne xo