Friday, April 26, 2013

Tailor Spy chosen at Links à la Mode again!

Dear friends, our post "Boring more" was chosen at the Weekly Roundup of IFB with other fellow bloggers. IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) is a community for fashion bloggers and It is an honour to be part of this. Click on the links below and discover more fashion blogs with great content!

Links a la Mode

Be Yourself

With summer fast approaching, we're all taking it easy when it comes to putting on a show. Summer is always more laid back, down to earth and relaxed... a perfect time to reflect on the madness that is everyday life. This week's roundup did a lot of reflecting, from the poses we put on for our blogs, the hamster wheel of personal style on the web, going modest when everyone else is baring it all, letting our hair be it's natural beautiful self, and even embracing your "eye bags." If you're wondering if fashion blogging is shallow or conscious or if Galliano deserves forgiveness this is the roundup for you this week! If you're just looking for some excellent DIYs for the weekend, we've even got a great floral crown, handstamped jewelry, and shirt dyeing project for you!

Links à la Mode: April 25th, 2013

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Tailor Spy

Monday, April 22, 2013

Boring shirt...No more!

Although it’s not a new idea, I couldn't help but to try it out. I came across an old shirt (men's shirt) and I found my perfect canvas to try this technique. The result is an amazing colorful loose shirt that can be worn as a tunic but also as a dress! Grab your markers and let the magic begin!

Step 1
Once you have your "canvas", you will need some markers. I used my Letraset Pantone in various colors. Next the most important is the alcohol that will give the artistic tie-dye effect. Some rubber bands, also. You will see why…

Step 2
Place the fabric on a plastic cup or small vase and secure with the rubber band. Make some random designs on it.

Step 3
Once you have your design, spill with attention small amount of the alcohol. That's the magic moment. You will see the colors mixing into amazing shapes. To see the final result you can use a hairdryer if you are impatient like me...

Step 4
To complete the new look of my shirt, I added some studs only in the collar. After a couple of minutes my new shirt-dress was ready and fabulous!

 Try it and you will say "No" to boring shirts!

Good Luck

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DIY bracelet : Chainmania!

What else could be better than an easy 5 minutes handmade bracelet?

With this tutorial I will help you transform a simple chain into a statement bracelet...

It's easy and fun...
1. The basic material is a chain in gold or silver color.
2. You can use leather or plain colored threads as long as the chain has holes big enough for each material…
3. The strass chain will give to your bracelet a luxurious look.
Of course, scissors and pliers are necessary for opening the hoops.

Step 1
Measure your hand and cut the chain. Measure also your thread a bit longer than the chains. Fold the chain into two lines and pass the first thread making also a comb.

Step 2
Follow the "flow" of your chain and pass the thread through the holes one time making a twist.

Step 3
Add the crystal chain in each twist. After a few rows your hands will start to memorize the movements.

Step 4
Once you have finish, make the comb to secure the thread. Add your opening-closing hoops and enjoy your brand new bracelet!

 Be can be really addicted to this diy..!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Tailor Spy chosen at Links à la Mode : The IFB Weekly Roundup!

On the 12th of April, we had the honor to have been chosen to be part of the Weekly Roundup of IFB with other fellow bloggers. We are so happy about it and it gives us the strength to keep up the good work. IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) is a community for fashion bloggers and It is an honour to be part of this. Click on the links below and discover more fashion blogs with great content! 


Picture Perfect

Whether it be styling the right outfit, looking good in glasses, or finding treasures in your closet, ultimately as fashion bloggers we share our fashion story. Through words or through photography, this roundup takes a closer look at making life more beautiful, fashion icons like Lilly Pulitzer who passed away over the weekend, Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli.. and the downward spiral of the house of Saint Laurent. What are we going to do to keep the world beautiful? Sustainable fashion and shopping our closets? And how will we document it.. there are fantastic photo tutorials in the mix to. Enjoy! 

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup, April 11th

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Monday, April 8, 2013

DIY Necklace : Welcome to buttons state!

All these years of making DIY projects I felt many times like a treasure hunter. I kept every small piece of fabric, bead and many other materials. Of course, I kept a lot of buttons. I opened my sewing box and found this treasure. Shapes and colors started to fuel my imagination."It's time for a necklace", I thought and immediately started working my project. Find your hidden treasures and start now! 

Step 1
You need buttons, pliers, thick thread (for the tassels), wire and small loops. You can use a chain as i did but also a ribbon will do.

Step 2
Bend the wire in the shape of a smile! Secure the one side of the wire so that the buttons won't fall. Start passing the buttons through the wire.

Step 3
Once you finish, you will have this result, so now you can secure the other side too. Use one loop and join the chain in both sides.

Step 4
Using three fingers pass along the thread making circles and start the tassel. After some circles release the thread from your fingers and pass a piece of thread to secure the one side. Turn and press the upper side of the tassel and with a knot you will make the "head" of the tassel.

Step 5
Cut the other side of the tassel in order to create the fringe. Using the loops make a small chain (I used 5 loops) to hang the tassel on the necklace. That’s it! You’re done!


I think it turned out pretty and elegant! I will enjoy wearing it all summer long with my t-shirts and dresses!

Bye friends!