Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Denim shorts + Lace = Love!

I guess that I am a romantic girl, after all. Yes, I admit that I love lace! But I am also a denim fanatic...What about lace in a pair of denim shorts...mmmm that sounds really nice...wait a minute...what about transforming an old pair of jeans into a brand new pair of denim shorts with plenty of lace...That sounds even better... what do you think? 

Photos 1 & 2
This is how we do it. We take an old pair of jeans (this was quite worn out) and we cut the legs. A pair of shorts suddenly appears! Wow...

Photo 3 & 4
Then, we turn the lace up side down and we pin it on the hem. Next, we stitch the lace onto the hem with our sewing machine (hand stitching is also allowed) and our lace is ready!!!

Photo 5
What I did next was to change the back & front button..It was about time...I used the one shown in the photo..it looks nice...

Photo 6 & 7
This the result...I hope you like it. I was super excited for two reasons: not only have I added a new pair of denim shorts in my wardrobe but I have refashioned a garment which was no longer wearable. This is the joy of clothes upcycling!

Top by Zara
Denim shorts by Tailor Spy
Tailor Spy

Monday, May 20, 2013

DIY : Espandrilles Reborn!

Hello diyers!!

While organizing my closet I came across this really old pair of espadrilles...I was ready to give them away and suddenly it hit me! They are the must have shoes for the summer!! They can be worn as beach shoes, in the evening, and they are comfortable through the heat of the day. Also perfect for trips and long walks. I wanted to change them and add some color so I used some scrap Ikat fabric that I have kept...The result is a beautiful almost a brand new pair of shoes. I am wearing them everyday! 

So before tossing your old shoes give them a second chance...you might have a new pair in a few minutes!

Photo 1
This is how my old pair of espadrilles looked like.

Photo 2
All you need is your scrap fabric, scissors and glue for fabrics. I also used some gold cord for replacing the old ribbons.

Photo 3
Place the fabric on the shoe and secure it with some pins. Cut the shape that you will glue later.

Photo 4 -5
Spread the glue on the surface and adjust the fabric that you have cut. Use the back point of your scissors to press the fabric on and wait for it to dry. It takes only 10 minutes.You are done!! 

Photo 6
I added a new gold cord and some tassels on the ankle side. I love their new boho chic look!

See you soon!



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Enjoy spring with a stunning & stylish DIY necklace!

For this summer the hot trend is the chains in all shapes and colors. Combined with ribbons and crystal beads these  chain "knitted" necklaces can be worn all day long!

I decided to make a big impressive necklace with some chains and easy to find materials! check it out and make your own!

Photo 1

Materials you need: 
Chains in gold and silver
Ribbons in various colours
Clasps, hoops and straight "needle" wire

Photo 2
Cut with the pliers three sizes of chains to make the width you want. I made three different chains..

Photos 3-4
Take a look at our past post the "chain mania bracelets" and use the same technique by joining together the chains and the ribbons. Using the lighter "melt" the knot of the ribbon to secure it.

Photos 5-6-7
At that point you are almost done and you will have that look on your necklace.
Using the pliers start passing your beads to finish your necklace. I added some orange silicon thread at the end to give an intense color to my necklace...and it's ready!!! Voila!!

Try it! its easy and you ll get a lot of compliments...Every time I wear it, everyone admires it and thinks that it is an expensive ready-made necklace...xixixi...


Monday, May 13, 2013


Our blog was awarded twice! We are so pleased about it and we thank so much our good friend bloggers for these nominations. First we would like to thank our good friend blogger Cyclamina (http://cyclamina.blogspot.gr/) for giving us our first Liebster award!!! We are so excited! Thank you Katerina! 

Yesterday we received our second award from our dear friend blogger Despina from http://ohsocutethings.blogspot.gr/  Thank you dear!!  

Here are the answers to your questions... 

1) What made you to start a blog?
We wanted to share our DIY inspirations with all of you out there...

2) What is your blog all about?
Our blog is about wardrobe up cycling, DIY projects and clothes refashions

3) Where do you find your inspiration?
We are inspired by old clothes, new materials and fancy accessories.  

4)Do you prepare your blog's posts in advance?
Yes, we do. Before we publish a post there are many things to be done...from making the actual garment or accessories, to finish the photo shoot and write the text...it is hard work but the outcome is rewarding... 

5)Do you have new ideas for your blog?
Sure we do, follow us and you will find out...

6)How much time do you dedicate to your blog?
It depends..we usually work separately..MikaLina has her own working schedules...I usually work on my projects almost daily.. 

7) What's the best time for your creations?
I prefer from the evening until late at night...

8) What would you like the world to know about you?
We are two dreamers (me and my sister) full of ideas and inspirations...We hope one day to be able and fulfill our dreams...  

9)What are your hobbies?
We love accessories making and sewing clothes, of course. 

Tailor Spy 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Denim shirt refashion!

Denim shirts are all time classics but this year are a must-have. Digging up my closet I found this very old denim shirt. It must be over 10 years old. It was almost unworn and in a good condition. I decided to give it a second chance...

Photo 1
This is how it looked like before the refashion. 

Photo 2
I wanted to change the shade of the denim so I put it in the tub and with the help of a small brush I started bleaching it. The more you brush it the more bleached effect you get. Then you rinse it with plenty of water and you let it dry. 

Photo 3
After bleaching the shirt...it is time for the final refashion...I stitched some nice crystal buttons on the collar. 

Photo 4
This is the final look with the crystal buttons on the collar...

Photo 5
I also added some embroidery like ribbon above the pockets to complete the look...

Here I am with my brand new denim shirt enjoying the sun....so, what do you think? 

Tailor Spy