Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Denim shorts + Lace = Love!

I guess that I am a romantic girl, after all. Yes, I admit that I love lace! But I am also a denim fanatic...What about lace in a pair of denim shorts...mmmm that sounds really nice...wait a minute...what about transforming an old pair of jeans into a brand new pair of denim shorts with plenty of lace...That sounds even better... what do you think? 

Photos 1 & 2
This is how we do it. We take an old pair of jeans (this was quite worn out) and we cut the legs. A pair of shorts suddenly appears! Wow...

Photo 3 & 4
Then, we turn the lace up side down and we pin it on the hem. Next, we stitch the lace onto the hem with our sewing machine (hand stitching is also allowed) and our lace is ready!!!

Photo 5
What I did next was to change the back & front button..It was about time...I used the one shown in the photo..it looks nice...

Photo 6 & 7
This the result...I hope you like it. I was super excited for two reasons: not only have I added a new pair of denim shorts in my wardrobe but I have refashioned a garment which was no longer wearable. This is the joy of clothes upcycling!

Top by Zara
Denim shorts by Tailor Spy
Tailor Spy


  1. Πολύ όμορφο έγινε, φιλάκια

  2. Εντάξει...για άλλη μια φορά..έχω να πω ΜΠΡΑΒΟ!!! Σούπερ... πολύ καλή ιδέα, κι εχω κάτι μέτρα από ένα παρόμοιο δαντελάκι!!!να λοιπόν, ιδέα!!! Merci beaucoup les filles!!!

  3. I love the lace addition :-) Thank you for sharing on the Refashion Co-op. I have invited you to help me pin trouser refashions to a round-up Pinterest board I am doing for the Refashion Co-op.

    Eddie xx

    Come over and ‘like’ Eddie's Room on Facebook for some crafty ideas and conversation. :-)

    1. Hi Eddie! welcome to tailorspy blog! Thanks for the invitation on Pinterest!
      Tailor Spy xoxo

  4. You never know where a spy might be.