Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY necklace : Parasol!

Hey friends!
I am back again bringing to you this great DIY project! Sometimes when it comes to beads you always want something more. For this necklace the "beads" are made by your own talented hands and are unique. All you need is scrap fabric and thread. The result is a gorgeous big necklace made from recycled materials. It's not a 5 minute project but the final look will worth your time. Let's start!
Photo 1
You will need :
Scrap fabric
Carton paper
Threads and needle
Golden cord
Jewelry clasps

Photos 2 & 3
Start by drawing circles on the carton paper. I used a glass shot for help.
Cut also your fabrics in the same dimensions.

Photos 4, 5 & 6
Glue the fabric on your paper circles and with a needle make a hole.With your thread and the sewing needle start making "circles" and try to keep a distance between your stiches.You don't want to hide the fabric inside.The final result is this parasol shape (photo 6) You can make as many as you like.The more the better!

Photos 7 & 8
Cut the jewellery cord in two different dimensions to make the "base" of your necklace. Start stiching your parasols onto the two cords.
Photos 9 &10
This is the necklace at the back. With the glue and some leather I joined the two cords together and with some fabric I covered the back stitches.The final look is amazing and colorful, unique and light weight. It is a piece of art! So what do you think...
Will you try your own parasol necklace this summer?




  1. πρωτότυπο και όμορφο το κολιέ σας Φιλάκια

  2. Εκπληκτικό!!!!!Πολύ πολύ όμορφο!!!!

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