Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn rose ring!

Happy Autumn to everyone! We are back with more DIY projects you will love! Stay tuned...

A breezy afternoon at my beach house watching the autumn leaves falling from the trees, I immediately started collecting my materials from things that was already in the house and with a few simple stuff and imagination I created this simple and chic rose ring..!
Let's start!

Photo 1
What you need: 
Silicone gun (hot glue)

Photos 2-3-4
Measure your finger by passing the wire around 4-5 times. Secure the end by making a knot using your pliers.

Photos 5-6-7
Cut in the shape of a flower petal various ribbons in any colors you like. Light your candle and gently pass the edges through the flame. Attention! only the perimeter! At the end the petals will have a 3D like effect.

Photos 8-9
Cut some more wire and start passing through your petals. Once you have placed them all, secure the end with a bead

Photos 10-11
Use the hot glue gun and spread the glue around the base of your ring. Fold around the ribbon (i chose pink for contrast) and gently press to secure the edges. Add a big drop of glue and at the same time "tie" the flower with extra wire.
I combined it with my favorite Berschka rings for a more dramatic look and wore it with my jeans and a white top. With this technique you can also create flowers for many different occasions. As hair accessories and even as a pin for your dresses and tops!

Good luck!