Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sewing project : Breezy skirt!

Skirts are fun, are easy to wear and the most comfortable garment in the summer! But why is it so hard for me to find the ideal skirt? Indeed, when I go for shopping, it is very difficult to find a skirt that fits me well. Most of the fashionable skirts are either too short for me or made out of polyester fabrics (too hot in the summer). I made this lovely midi skirt out of a dress and I'm very happy about it. It took me less than a half an hour and I am sure I'm going to wear it all summer!

I discovered this old dress in my mother's closet. She never throws away anything! In her closets I usually "dig up" many hidden treasures...The quality of the dress is so great! It is a light viscose which makes it so cool and fresh for the Greek hot summer! 

Photo 1 & 2
I carefully removed the back zipper of the dress and then I cut it 2cm above the waist hem in order to stitch the waist hem later.

Photo 3, 4 & 5 
I chose a zipper with the new length to stitch at the back of the skirt. Then I stitched the one side of the zipper and then the other one. I finished the skirt by making the waist hem. The skirt is ready! 

So what do you think?

Tailor Spy

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY necklace : Parasol!

Hey friends!
I am back again bringing to you this great DIY project! Sometimes when it comes to beads you always want something more. For this necklace the "beads" are made by your own talented hands and are unique. All you need is scrap fabric and thread. The result is a gorgeous big necklace made from recycled materials. It's not a 5 minute project but the final look will worth your time. Let's start!
Photo 1
You will need :
Scrap fabric
Carton paper
Threads and needle
Golden cord
Jewelry clasps

Photos 2 & 3
Start by drawing circles on the carton paper. I used a glass shot for help.
Cut also your fabrics in the same dimensions.

Photos 4, 5 & 6
Glue the fabric on your paper circles and with a needle make a hole.With your thread and the sewing needle start making "circles" and try to keep a distance between your stiches.You don't want to hide the fabric inside.The final result is this parasol shape (photo 6) You can make as many as you like.The more the better!

Photos 7 & 8
Cut the jewellery cord in two different dimensions to make the "base" of your necklace. Start stiching your parasols onto the two cords.
Photos 9 &10
This is the necklace at the back. With the glue and some leather I joined the two cords together and with some fabric I covered the back stitches.The final look is amazing and colorful, unique and light weight. It is a piece of art! So what do you think...
Will you try your own parasol necklace this summer?



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Travel: Alonissos challenge!

I've always wanted to visit the Sporades islands during the summer. The past weekend my dream came true! We decided to sail to Alonissos island and participate to "Alonissos challenge" running race (10Km, 30Km). The event is organized every year by the municipality of Alonissos in cooperation with Runner magazine. There's no better place for running than in the woods. The race was an ideal way to see the beauties of the island and enjoy the nature. I will definitely come back next year and that's a promise! 
Patitiri, Alonissos port
Alonissos island belongs to an island complex called Sporades, which consists of 24 islands, 4 of which are inhabited Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros. The archipelago of Sporades is located northeast of the island of Evia. You can reach Alonissos either by ferry from Volos, Agios Konstantinos and Kimi ports or by plane to the neigbouring airport of Skiathos, Skiros and Nea Agchialos (Volos). For more information you can check the official website of Alonissos.

Levantes Hotel, Patitiri
The island offers a variety of rooms, apartments and hotels to rent. We stayed at Levantes hotel in Patitiri. Mrs Lucia made our stay so comfortable and nice! She was always there to welcome us with her warm and nice smile! We felt like home! 

View from our balcony at Levantes Hotel
Chora of Alonissos
The island has a beautiful Chora (the old village) which is located 2km away from Patitiri port. It used to be the capital town of the island but now it's a place with wonderful architectural monuments such as the medieval castle and old churces. The view from Chora is breathtaking!
View from Chagiati cafe (Chora)  

Chora has many taverns and cafes where you can enjoy the view to the Aegean sea.

Crisi milia, Alonissos
Alonissos is full of beautiful beaches! So pitty we didn't have the time to visit all of them! 
More infos at Alonissos portal.

Agios Dimitrios, Alonissos
In Alonissos there is the National Marine Park of Alonissos and Sporades which is currently the largest protected marine area in Europe! The park is the nature reserve for a series of terrestrial and marine species living in the Mediterranean Sea and especially of the Mediterranean monk seal, Monachus Monachus! For more information, visit the Alonissos portal.

Photo taken from http://www.alonissos.gr

Me at Chora  
Alonissos is a truly beautiful island, ideal for relaxed vacations. We had a great time and we met many new friends! I hope to visit the island again next year!

Tailor Spy

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lets get nautical - Easy DIY shorts sur mesure!

Ok, I am sure you've seen dozens of you tube videos how to make a pair of shorts sur mesure, but I wanted to share with you my way of making it. I enjoyed the process so much that I've made 4 pair of shorts so far! Now I am wearing my shorts feeling proud that I made them myself. Hope you enjoy this sewing project! (I am a self-taught sewer, so please do not judge me too hard!! I am still learning...)

Photo 1
To draft your own pattern you need a pair of shorts you've got and you like the fitting. You  fold the front part and put it on the pattern paper. You draw its shape on the paper with a pencil and it's ready. You repeat the same process for the back part because it is different from the front side.

Photo 2 & 3
So you end up with two side patterns. One for the front and one for the back. Make sure you leave app. 2cm seam allowance when you cut it. Important notice: this pattern is suitable for stretch fabrics only. Now, cut out the drawing from the rest of the paper and we move on...

Photo 4
It's time for some action! Fold your fabric in half and place your paper pattern on it. I started with the back part.

Photo 5
Now cut out your fabric! You must repeat the same for the other part.

Photo 6
Lay the front part together and sew where I've pinned. Repeat the process for the other side too.

Photo 7
After sewing, it should look like this. Ok, now take the front side and the back side and lay the right sides together. Next, sew up the outter leg seams A and B and then the inside leg seams C & D. 

Photo 8
Do not forget to do the zig zag stitching. It will prevent the fabric from fraying. 

Photo 9
So, now it is time to make the hem at the waist. You fold the fabric and sew it at the inside part of the waist. You leave approximately 5cm open for the elastic band. 

Photo 10
Pin the elastic band and start passing it throught the tube. To find the suitable length of the elastic band, measure the elastic band around your waist. I simply put on the shorts and set the correct length for my waist. Now, cut out the excess elastic and stitch the two sides. Then sew the open seam and a new pair of shorts is ready for you to enjoy summer!  

Tailor Spy