Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY: classy mini wallet-clutch!

Except my passion for jewelry, I must admit I am also a wallet addict! For the days that you want to go shopping without carrying a bag that is heavy and not practical, the mini clutch that I will show you, will give you style and comfort. You can carry your phone, your keys and only the absolute necessary things that you need. Follow the simple instructions to make your own now!!

Pic 1
You will need:
Fake leather fabric
Studs, tassels
Picture 2

Picture 3
Pic 2-3
Take a paper and start by making your pattern. The idea is a basic envelope. Measure with your ruler the distance of every point and you will create an open paper envelope. Wrap it to check if the shape is OK.

Picture 4
Picture 5
Pic 4-5
Place the fabric on a steady surface and start cutting the shape of the pattern

Picture 6
Pic 6
Now starts the fun part. With the studs and pliers start decorating your wallet .Close the central button-stud with pliers and if you want you can add some fabric glue in the inner joints.

Pic 7
Ready! I have made also another one with the same technique and pattern. If you want to make them bigger you can just adjust the size of the pattern in a bigger scale! Super easy and fun this wallet is everything you need for a relaxed shopping day!