Friday, February 7, 2014

Old vanity case restyled!

Hey friends!
This is not a jewelry or accessories tutorial. It's something more. It's time to start a little bit of decoration projects! Recently I found my mom’s old vanity case and I started thinking if it would end up in the recycle bin or if I could transform it into a contemporary and romantic decorative element. My mom also is an amazing and talented artist when it comes to recycle and transform old things. So I have a strong legacy when I am involved in these projects. I am going to show you step by step the procedure and you will see how something old and broken can become beautiful and "alive" again!

Photo 1
Here is the initial look of the vanity case.

Photo 2
The materials that I used:
Glue for fabrics
Golden spray paint
Acrylic golden paint
Paint brush
Scrap fabric

Photo 3
First of all I had to paint with the golden spray the clasp because it was so rusted. I placed a paper around it, so I won’t paint the fabric. I painted the small areas that I couldn’t spray with a paint brush using gold acrylic color.

Photo 4-5

In order to make a pattern I used plain paper and wrapped it around the vanity case. With my pencil, I draw the lines and cut these two patterns. I placed the pattern on my fabric and cut the pieces that I needed.

Photo 6-7

With my paint brush I put a generous amount of glue in the upper part and started to glue on the fabric.

Extra tip: stretch the fabric while you put it on and with the back point of the scissors press inside the joining parts.

Tadaaa! It came out great and I decided that it can decorate my mini bookcase beside my favorite frame. So find old objects and rediscover their vintage beauty. I am sure you can create without spending money, unique and fabulous objects!

And don't forget Keep calm and be happy!



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