Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY last minute Easter gift and candle!

It is Easter time everyone!! Here in Greece we love Easter and we celebrate it with lot of joy and respect. But what about those sudden invitations from family and friends? Can you think what to do with an empty eggcup and some candy? What about a lovely Easter candle made of scrap ribbons and beads? Let's see how to create beautiful little things to give as present to those we love!

Photo 1
Pink paper grass
Empty eggcup
Laundry clip
Ribbons-scrap fabric
Transparent sheet
Egg like candle
Easter decoration (eggs, toys)

Photo 2
Place some glue and press the scrap fabric on the top of the egg-cup.
Photo 3
Open your egg-cup and place inside the paper grass to give a nest effect.
Photo 4
Place inside your candy caramels and the candle. With a red marker you can write something on the inside. I wrote Happy Easter!

Photo 5-6
Open the plastic sheet and put some more paper grass. Place the egg-cup on the center of the sheet and join the four angles with the wooden laundry clip. Place your ribbon and you are done!!!

Photo 7
A small cute gift made by you, full of sweetness!

Photo 1
Plane white candle 
Beads-buttons from broken necklace
Nail polish quick dry
Photo 2 

Photo 3
Photo 2-3
Take the nail polish and make small designs such as hearts, flowers whatever you want. I made cat paws prints..

Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 4-5
Start the ribbon tying and place the beads using thinner ribbon or hot glue. I passed the small beads inside a thinner thread. You can improvise by using various techniques.

Photo 6
The candle turned out really cute and I am sure you will be tempted to create your own!



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