Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Denim shortscut!

Hello friends...this is our last week before our summer vacations, at last! Our spirit is high as we dream to spend the next weeks on a beautiful beach with good friends. I hope to get some tan and relax my mind from the past and furious winter. As we are in the middle of summer and the tempereature has risen, this week I am presenting an easy DIY denim pants refashion into a pair of super, stylish and fresh-looking denim shorts!

This project was really easy and quick. You will do it in no time, I assure you. So let's start.

Photo 1
All you need is a pair of denim pants, a lace, a ruler and a pair of scissors and pencil, of course...

Photo 2
First step is to cut a triangle from both side hips app. 10cm from bottom hem. A ruler and a pencil are very useful for this! 

Photo 3
Then we cut the pyramid we previously draw by pencil. 

Photo 4
We measure the lace ribbon we need for each side of our pyramid and we cut it. I also placed this lace ribbon all around the bottom hem because it looked nicer like this.

Photo 5
We carefully stitch the lace ribbon all around the bottom hem and our super denim shorts is ready to wear!

Your final work should look like this...You will notice a stitched flower in gold at the right side. This was made a long time ago with thick thread. This is a nice idea to refresh an old pair of denim pants. I kept it because it looked nice...You can try it, too! 

Many thanks to my model FKappou for posing! 

I hope you like it!

Tailor Spy

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