Monday, July 8, 2013

CD necklace : wear the music!

Hey what’s up Diyers? Are you in the mood for a strong DIY? As you already know this year is all about accessories! The bigger the fancier! What a better way to use a scratched CD than make it a fabulous necklace? Turn the music loud and follow me to the dance floor

Photo 1
What you need: 
Old scratched CD
Threads in various colors
Glue for fabric
Stripes of scrap fabric
Pieces of leather
Photo 2
                                                                     Photo 3

Photos 2 & 3

Cut the CD using the scissors in the middle. This will be the base of your necklace.
                                                                      Photo 4

                                                                      Photo 5
Photos 4 & 5

Spread the glue on the half surface of the CD and start turning and folding around the thread. Continue with another color the same process.

                                                                   Photo 6

                                                                    Photo 7
Photos 6 & 7

Once you have finished with the threads add some glue on the edges of the CD in order to glue the leather parts.

Photo 8
Start braiding your scrap fabric stripes to make the “chain”. I made two in each side to make it more impressive.

                                                                     Photo 9
                                                                   Photo 10  
Photo 9 & 10

When you have finished the braiding add some glue on the back side of the CD and cover the edges with some more leather pieces. Use the scissors and press it to glue faster.

Photo 11

Tie together with some fabric the braids and create two ribbons as clasp. You can make it as long as you like. The final result is big and loud kinda ethnic and colorful!




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